Zune updating device content

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On September 8, 2008, Microsoft announced the Zune 3.0 update.Included in this update are the abilities to tag and later purchase songs heard on FM radio, channels which can be customized to deliver suggested songs for the user, and the ability to purchase songs from the Zune device via the Zune Marketplace, all available wirelessly.The ability to sync wirelessly (automatically if connected to a power supply), podcast support, and an upgraded song-sharing licensing are now available on all models.

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Here is a list of the device commands for both V1/V2 and Zune HD devices.The first Zune model, the Zune 30, was released in the United States on November 14, 2006, featuring a capacity of 30 gigabytes, FM radio, and a 3 inch screen.The Zune 30 was initially available in black, brown or white.The Zune 80 was announced on October 2, 2007, along with the smaller Zune 4 and Zune 8 to compete with Apple's i Pod nano line.These were to be known as the second generation of Zunes.

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