Yoon eun hye and daniel henney dating

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I loved this so much I have watched it about 3 times.

Didn't know that these were out here and don't even remember how I stumbled across these. Gave me an opportunity to see another's culture too and also to realize this is a small word in some principles.

Searched for all your movies and dramas after enjoying your characterization in Lie to Me (a REAL CEO). He's so charming, yet can act so cute and hilarious at times. I'd pick every drama he stars in, seriously x DD I'm a big fan, keke : D x333 Can't wait for his future projects wow i really love ur acting u r so cool ,love ur killer smile..i was move by wen i saw ur drama 90 days love n till now i didnt ever mis your dramas or movies they just so good.are one of my favrite korean actor so manly love you.coming to korea by next year,wel trying to meet you..u.. For the other dramas, there was something wrong with the characters/scripts despite the fact that you did your best. i hope you team up again with Han hye jin another fave actress of mine! I hope someday I'll find a good matured man like you ^,^ I've watched your drama Lie to Me, and I really in love with you there, and also with the storyline..you're really a good kisser there LOL Good Luck for you oppa!!! I love LIE TO ME drama.i'm watching it so many times.i like u wearing a sun glasses so have a smile killer. Have watched four of his dramas and two of his movies. INTERESTED PARTY PLEASE WRITE TO [email protected] my god why are you so hot ji hwan ssi i love you and adore you no matter what!

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PLEASE:)) best actor...handsome....funny..i could meet u in personal..gil dong ok....coffee house you are so crazy.to me....i watch this drama several times and still laughing...can't wait you are next drama....i hope you will more success kang ji hwann...please come to indonesia... Have not once been disappointed, not once: Capital Scandal, Hong Gil Dong (OMG! hi ji are so amazing actor.i am so like your drama and movies to ,e i waching this drama some time.i love you.i love your played.i love youe nice smile.i wish see you just 1 time befor my dead.i love you my and yoon eyun hye are very good my sweet dream. Anneyong haseo Ji Hwan Ah,,its relieve to write in here,,actually this is the first time for me wathing one of your drama but im accidentally in love on you,,, Chincha chowae...because your character in "Lie to me" is the dream of every girl,woman,yoja in the world. I think Yoon Eun Hye killed by your smile, i hope you will come to Indonesia sometimes... I wish your choice of drama proposals will reflect your strengths better. I can't wait for next big thing for you Kangaroo Ji-Hwan. You're one of the best in K entertainment aside from being adorable, handsome & talented actor! i really want to meet kang ji-hwan and all the cast of the lie to me and many korean actors and actresses.. i hope that in the near future be there at korea and meet you up guys... ^,^ i love kan ji hwan, he a good kisser,i think he fall in love with eun hye. I love Hong Gil-Dong, Coffee House and My Girlfriend is an Agent.

I’m really into the “typical-oppa” style when it comes to actors that’s I wasn’t teally interested with him but when I heard that they’re makjng a live action of one of my favorite webtoons I decided to give it a shot and watch the first ep. I would really like to meet you one day kang ji Hwan and though it's such an embarassing thing to say to you but I really am in love with you and lol, I hate this much Age difference between us! I really loved your acting, care, smartness, arrogancy and eveything in "children of lesser god"! 강지환 role and acting in "Monster" is beyond what words can ever describe . I can't believe that I've watched it every week since march ! Right now just watch Monster again since i think i missed quite a bit for the first time. your first drama i watched was Lie to me since i love rom-com and Yoon Eun Hye.., then followed by your movies runway cop, my girlfriend is an agent and then Incarnation of Money.. even the people commit crime every thing have a reason... Lie to me is the only one I've seen and it was so good I'm looking at it a second time.

I was bored because it wasn’t really the same with the webtoon so I decided to drop it but months after I decided to watch it again and here I’m hooked with kang Ji hwan’s acting skills and unique charms. Your acting skills drive me crazy esp in monster and lie to me. IMO you are very good in all those dramas, You are a natural comedian. I personally hoping to watch more drama I really love the way you portray in every character in every drama you,, done ,,, Good luck Annyeong oppa Ji Hwan.. You always make me cry like a baby and laugh like crazy.. there are many korean actors having handsome face, but there is only one korean actor who has a nice smile, he's Kang ji hwan .

I also love how KJH acts he had this natural expressions when he laughs , cries , smile and gets angry.. I immediately searched Kang Ji Hwan because I admire him so with Yoon Eun Hye. I realize more things needed to be cared of and I love my husband more after this drama. He is not a millionaire like the character you acted but he has done everything just to be with me, even we were thousand miles apart and when it has come to his important life choices. You have grown in the sense of both maturity and in acting. good acting skills, handsome, funny when u want to be funny, i cried with you & han hye jin in be strong geum soon; i'll surely miss watching this long drama! I HAVE A SUIT (JACKET PANT) THAT WAS WORN BY KANG JI HWAN DURING THE LOTTE DUTY FREE ADVERTISMENT PHOTOSHOOT TO SELL.

HOPE THEY ARE REAL LOVERS ANY UPDATE GUYSS lie to me is the best drama plus kang ji hwan and yoon eun hye ….handsome and pretty…got our attention…i keep watching and watching this drama…watching this make us feel inlove ,laugth ang cry but all in all nice story all the salute to miss scriptwriter and to director…job …movie movie again. Your fan Tenzin you're loveable actor; u never ceased to amaze me! Hope you more famous and got halyu : P I really loved him on Coffee House.!! It was a little bit dragging but the ending was really lovely... Hoping to see more of him on small/big screen this 2011!!!

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