Xbox 360 nxe not updating

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fixer to allow me to register my xbox in the states while I am overseas. ...'watching Blurays on my PS3 totally defeats the purpose because I have to get up and go buy them at the store or go over to my computer and order them online? So the option to watch it streaming is there, just not the option to watch it on XBox Live. I would have to check the legalities of it all, but their should be a precedence that MS can hit on to identify that Sony is specifically targeting their service to hurt the Live Netflix relationship.It allows me to watch the movies that I want without the hassle of my laptop slowing it down. But I see very FEW Sony titles that are worth streaming anyways.Like I watch shows on my PS3 through the browser so I can watch it on the big screen.My only concern is that people might get a Netflix subscription for this thinking the entire Netflix library is going to be available.You have to walk over to your PC and place the movies into your queue to watch them.Once you have finished queuing up your list, only then are you able to view them on your Xbox 360.

Blows away "HD" cable, and only Dish Network's new HD service is better.

I couldnt get over how much worse it looked on the ps3..jaggies galore and crappy detail on background objects. They're also highly compressed, with basically MP3 quality audio.

Anyway I like the netflix feature and it is a very convenient feature to have that will only get better and better. Better than standard airwave TV, but not exactly Cable/Satellite quality, let alone Blu-ray.

From the article: "After installing the NXE update on my Xbox 360, like a giddy school boy I jumped on the Netflix feature and started playing around with the service.

To be honest I am not a long time Netflix customer, but I am previewing the service currently.

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