Xbmc updating to eden adam lavorgna dating

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Go to php My Admin and click the “” in this example (without the quotes, right after “IDENTIFIED BY”), feel free to use a different password if you’re concerned with security.

Make sure to use that new password consistently throughout the next steps.

If you decide to use a setup without php My Admin then make yourself familiar with how to access My SQL from the command line on your system (or get a program like EMS My SQL Manager or Dev Art SQL Studio, or the free Heidi SQL), see the My SQL documentation for details on your system since you will have to manually (in a shell) go to the mysql command line tool for execute a few SQL statements.

The typical command for all systems is: mysql -u Note that when you upgrade to a newer version of KODI/XBMC that the database will be re-created for that particular version.

It is said that SVN version R28117 and above should be good to go (source).

This is optional, but it might save a lot of time if we simply re-import the hard work once the My SQL Connection is up and running.

One of the really nice features of XBMC is that it has the means to provide additional information on TV-Series, Movies and/or Music.

XBMC does not only work with the background info or synopsis of a movie or TV Series/Episode, it also remembers which ones you have seen, and even where in a movie you stopped – so that at a later time you can resume where you left of. the XBMC in my living-room is not sharing this the XBMC in my bedroom – and this is where My SQL comes in play.

Unfortunate, specially when you use a few different versions of XBMC as it makes quite a mess in My SQL.When moving to a newer version of XBMC, it can happen that the newer version (Eden and newer) will copy the data of the old database to a new database.The new database, to be used by the newer XBMC version, will have the same name followed by a 2 digit number.Here is my article on How to install My SQL, Web-Server, and php My Admin on your QNAP.My SQL is available other platforms as well: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X.

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