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From Labrador, on the east, their habitations dot the coast line to the Aleutian Islands, on the west, and a dialect of the language is spoken on the coast of Northeastern Asia. As far north as the white man has gone remains of their deserted habitations are found, and southward they extend, on the east coast to latitude 50° and on the west coast to latitude 60°. All titular matter, including cross-references, is in a larger, all index and explanatory matter in a smaller, type. During the progress of type setting a number of titles have come to hand in time for insertion in their proper places, but, in some cases, too late to permit the proper entry to be made in the subject or dialect indexes; and the translation of the Eskimo titles, which was done after the matter was in galley proof, has shown that a few items have been wrongly entered in the subject indexes.

The compiler has frequently' found himself in doubt in such cases but has, after careful consideration, concluded that he can best serve the needs of students of the Eskimo by retaining all titles about which any reasouabie doubt exists.

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The first text in the dialect of Labrador of which mention is made herein is the Harmony of the Gospels, printed at Barbime in 1800 (see Nalegapta), the translator of which I do not know.

There is no printed grammar of this dialect: but mention will be found under Freitagof a manuscript grammar dated 1839 and under Bourquiu of another as about to be printed. V For a succinct statement of the order and date of publication the reader is referred to the chronologic index at the end of the bibliography. 352, whore it brougbt, with eight otber works in Es- kimo, 10 fr.

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