Wrestling women search video cam

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"There's a lot going on in the world, just do something fun," Melanie says."And don't care what anybody else thinks, just get your freak on!Those two wrestlers recommended me to two other wrestlers, and off to the races we went." James was soon making a name for himself: for his shots of wrestling action, his promotional portraits, and his equally dramatic images of life backstage.Mark Haskins is on the receiving end of the top rope tag team finishing move, The Doomsday Device.

And that's just what Canon photographer James Musselwhite has done, drawing on his love of wrestling to capture this weird and wonderful world with verve and style – as well as a kitbag full of Canon L-series lenses.

Melanie was dubbed 'Mel the Mangler.' Jackie took on the title of 'Sugar Lips,' after the nickname her husband called her. "We got people in all different shapes and sizes." But the women wrestled their fears away and marched towards the entrance.

"Security was there," Melanie says, before laughing. " A video was shot of their exploits, showing the woman often overshadowing the bright lights of the amusement rides.

But despite being a fan of the sport from a young age, finding a way into its tight-knit fraternity was by no means easy for the photographer, based in Portsmouth, UK.

"I spent six fruitless months trying to contact wrestlers and offering to shoot them," James says. You must understand: the wrestling community is super closed-off – they only let in the people that they want to let in." So his emails were ignored and phone messages went unanswered.

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