Who is yung berg dating

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Major wins and loses is an everyday thing when it comes to Hitmaka.Spending years out of the limelight for time in the background, Berg managed to survive through songwriting and producing.It’s been a while but my west coast connection has some HOT TEA for you this morning!I initially hit her up to confirm the wild rumors that rapper The Game separated from his wife, Tiffney, because he found out she was involved in a torrid lesbian relationship with a Miami Basketball Wife who shall not be named at this time. I can’t verify it because I don’t run in the same circles as those ladies, but I would not be surprised. Love & Hip-Hop LA is premiering this fall (Sept 2014) and Miss Joie the video vixen and baby mother of Bow Wow is going to be dating Yung Berg, who I heard is a ghostwriter for Nicki Minaj.Thank you, they gave me awareness and abilities to do certain things. When things that you saw were controversial, it was me probably acting out of emotion. I’m just trying to control my emotions at this point. I got an instagram, my reality television show doesn’t stop. At the end of the day, if God got me, then that’s what I’m doing.

For every win, including two successful singles in “The Business” and his featured guest spot on Ray J’s “Sexy Can I,” the Chicago native has dealt with everything from chain jacking to getting slapped by Maino.

Regardless of whatever trivial shit happened, it’s Love and Hip Hop so it’s going to be something. If you go tell people a lie that’s running the show and lying about your life, it’s probably going to be a lie.

If you keep it 100, they’re going to give you what the 100 value is.

I can never say anything bad about Mona Scott Young or anyone on VH1 because at the end of the day, they gave me a platform.

I had 200,000 followers on social media and over 400,000 today.

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