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Life is not always generous or fair; so to those of you in crisis or pain, stay strong, love boldly, and remember that gratitude is an attitude. X I’m stoked, honoured, and humbled to share that Trouble in the Garden, a topical and uncompromising drama spotlighting what’s known as the 60’s Scoop here in Canada – Google it if you’re… Wishing you all the Happiest Holiday and the very best best best that 2019 might have to offer! 🐇✌️ #Aerial #Pop360 #Frontflip #Backflip #Wrap #Superhero Landing #Martial Arts #Gymnastics #Tricking #Flight Club #Spondylolisthesis #Train Happy! @Eminem’s fighting for top spot, a hungry wolf all over again, and it’s hot AF. #Fronttuck #Double Full instagram.com/p/B0NHv V_j XKC/… Excited to see everyone, and of course to talk all things Picture Perfect Mysteries: Newlywed and Dead, as well as a lil’ Picture a Perfect Christmas. Little has taught or given me — despite my nonsense spondylolisthesis-induced chronic pain and mobility-threatening spine — patience, peace, and an indispensable and transcending… Age does not depend upon years, but upon temperament and health. In announcement and celebration of my current role as a firefighter and murder suspect in director @HRHOliver1’s #Picture Perfect Mysteries, I thought I’d post this totally unrelated photo.… Blocking with the ineffable @HRHOliver1, mi masterful amigo @Oliver Msmiith, screen siren lindsaymaxwellofficial, our crew, and one enormous, scene-stealing, f**k off handbag. I was hired somewhat controversially or younger than expected to portray so I was overruled. Do you pine for and care about sh*t and struggle to achieve this and that and then some? Q) Was there something you added to your role that wasn’t originally scripted for you?A) Aside from doing things like training with a Jackie Chan Stunt Team luminary, ad-libbing the occasional line such as Hodge’s reaction to Alec’s, “Jace is dead to me,” and immersing myself in “Shadowhunters” canon as much as possible, I asked for Hodge’s favorite blue-chipped mug to make an appearance because of his love of homemade tisanes both in terms of a simple pleasure and as a sort of field medic-made remedy in the books really struck me. I also thought it savvy to at least give a nod to Hodge’s apparent fondness for tweed.

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All you have to do to read the entire story for free at is click the… After the idea was approved and the art department presented three or four mugs to choose from, I thought I’d invite the fans (who were thankfully so welcoming, so heartwarmingly supportive of my casting from the very beginning) to vote online via Twitter. Fortunately, Alec (Mathew Daddario) and Lydia’s (Stephanie Bennett) wedding episode served as the perfect opportunity.These are small and arguably superficial details, sure, but I think they add up. 📷 #Historic Homes Of The Future #Trouble In The Garden | #Shadowhunters #Love On Safari #Writing #Short Stories… By: Jamie Steinberg Q) What are the recent projects that you are working on? We’ve got new characters, new plot developments, new stunt people, new showrunner(s), a darker, sexier tone, it goes on and on… Q) As the season progresses, how might dynamics flip or switch?

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