Who first found out that monica and chandler were dating

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Just as it starts, Joey comes into the room, sill in his bloody WWII uniform to marry Chandler and Monica.If you mean the episode where Joey 'licks and puts' Chandlers spoon from his yogurt and Chandler freaks out, and they go on about how using the same toothbrush is not okay but using the same soap is, then it's 'The One Where Joey Moves Out'. Joey has only ever lived in the apartment across from Monica and another apartment whilst he is working on days of our lives(also a short period in the other apartment when the guys and girls swap) and Monica has never lived with him in these places.The hotel leaves a message for Chandler stating that he left an eyelash curler in his room.Later Monica asks Rachel to borrow her eyelash curler since she lost hers.At the end of Friends, Monica and Chandler save him a room in their new house for when he comes to visit (a 'Joey room') but he stays living in his apartment.ALSO--to find out more about Joey's life after Friends, watch the series Joey.

In this flashback, Chandler wanted to seek revenge so he kissed Rachel, who was visiting with Monica at a party.

Monica and Chandler get together during Season 4 Episode 24 The One with Ross's Wedding.

Monica is sad that people think she is Ross's mother and she is depressed at the wedding.

don't know, but he dosent realize the walls of the apartment are purple!

Hahahahahahaha ^ No thats not what really happened.

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