Validating standard input

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onsgmls - An SGML/XML parser and validator onsgmls [-BCdeghlnp Rrsuvx] [-alinktype] [-Aarchitecture] [-bbctf] [-csysid...] [-Ddirectory] [-Emax_errors] [-ffile] [-iname] [-ooutput_option...] [-tfile] [-wwarning_type...] [sysid...] and prints on the standard output a simple text representation of its Element Structure Information Set.(This is the information set which a structure-controlled conforming SGML application should act upon.) If more than one system identifier is specified, then the corresponding entities will be concatenated to form the document entity.nonsgml In fixed character set mode, output \% escape sequences for non-SGML data characters.Non-SGML data characters can result from numeric character references.all Warn about conditions that should usually be avoided (in the opinion of the author).Equivalent to: mixed, should, default, undefined, sgmldecl, unused-map, unused-param, empty and unclosed.Unused internal parameter entities whose text is INCLUDE or IGNORE won't get the warning.

notation-sysid Output an f command before an N command, if a system identifier could be generated for that notation.An SGML Extended Facilities system conforming to Annex A of Internal Standard ISO/IEC 10744 -- Hypermedia/Time-based Structuring Language The following options are available: -alinktype, --activate=linktype Make link type linktype active.Not all ESIS information is output in this case: the active LPDs are not explicitly reported, although each link attribute is qualified with its link type name; there is no information about result elements; when there are multiple link rules applicable to the current element, onsgmls always chooses the first.duplicate Warn about duplicate entity declarations. undefined Warn about undefined elements: elements used in the DTD but not defined. unused-map Warn about unused short reference maps: maps that are declared with a short reference mapping declaration but never used in a short reference use declaration in the DTD.unused-param Warn about parameter entities that are defined but not used in a DTD.

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