Updating version number at compile time

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This prevents accidental updates that would break the application.

To set a constraint, open In all cases, use the notation described in Package versioning.

If you are upgrading from version 2.0, you should also consult the 2.0 to 2.2 upgrading document.

There have been significant changes in authorization configuration, and other minor configuration changes, that could require changes to your 2.2 configuration files before using them for 2.4.

Updating a package simply means installing an updated version, which often restores a package to working order.

In Visual Studio, the Package Manager Console provides many flexible options for updating and reinstalling packages.

There are a number of situations, described below under When to Reinstall a Package, where references to a package might get broken within a Visual Studio project.

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We now have our build number in the format we want (in this case, but we need to be able to access this when the application is being built.Directives that control how authorization modules respond when they don't match the authenticated user have been removed: This includes Authz LDAPAuthoritative, Authz DBDAuthoritative, Authz DBMAuthoritative, Authz Group File Authoritative, Authz User Authoritative, and Authz Owner Authoritative.These directives have been replaced by the more expressive So even if mixing configuration is still possible, please try to avoid it when upgrading: either keep old directives and then migrate to the new ones on a later stage or just migrate everything in bulk.When being applications, ideally you want your assemblies to be labelled with the associated build.This will allow you to keep track of your versions, useful for bug reports, and for .

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