Updating the database

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So, it is desirable to update your copy of Lensfun's database to stay up-to-date.

In particular, if you have sent calibration pictures to Torsten's calibration service, you must update your local Lensfun database after the calibration in order to be able to use the new calibrations.

In case there is more than one version of Lensfun on your system (e.g.

updating the database-55

updating the database-36

updating the database-39

updating the database-76

For many uses these dynamic updates are not really required.

Check for any themes that you may have installed in the to check/set permissions for the new features, if any.

There were several new features added to the file, make sure you have a group specified if you're having issues ( --group=groupnamehere).

If it is sufficient that the updates are available to only your user account, call “lensfun‑update‑data” without root priviledges.

The updates are then written to ~/.local/share/lensfun/updates”.

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