Updating netboot image

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As Apple releases new Mac models equipped with T2 chips and Secure Enclave, it is unlikely that these future Mac releases will be supporting Net Boot.For Mac admins using Net Boot-based workflows to set up their Macs, what are the alternatives?Additionally, a The network boot configuration procedure differs based on whether the AMD64/Intel 64 system you want to install Red Hat Enterprise Linux on uses BIOS or UEFI.Consult your hardware's documentation to see which system is used on your hardware, and then follow the appropriate procedure in this chapter.The one exception was Apple’s Internet Recovery, where Apple is providing a Net Boot-like service to provide access to mac OS Recovery.The i Mac Pro is still able to boot to Internet Recovery, which provides a way to repair the Mac or reinstall the operating system in situations where the Mac’s own Recovery volume is missing or not working properly.The base code will be updated shortly, and this fix will be incorporated in the next release.Unlike most other means of installation, no physical boot media is required to be plugged in the client (that is, the system you are installing into) in order to begin the installation.

We'll have a look at this next week, and issue a subsequent update, but in the short term you can connect to the share using the following connection url from the Finder: This will prompt for authentication and work.The engineers at JAMF are supposed to be getting back to me sometime today.Hi Guys, sorry for the delayed response (on vacation).This chapter describes the steps you must take to prepare for network installations.The procedures in this chapter describe setting up a network boot server on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 system.

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