Updating mcafee detection signature

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Hypponen, chief research officer of Finnish-based antivirus vendor, F-Secure.

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"This scanning is very I/O intensive, because all the virtual machines are sharing the same I/O bus and the same memory ports," Chen says.

"There's monitoring and risk management that you should put in place," Chen says.

"If you get infected, we can tell you early that you've got strange activity going on in your network." Trend Micro also is tackling the issue of what Chen calls "antivirus storm" with its newly configured protection of virtualization hypervisors.

I run Mc Afee Virtual Technician and it either says it can't fix the problem because of an "error" or it says the problem has been fixed but it never downloads the updated file.

I go back to security center and it tells me my computer is still at risk.

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