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A feature known as Opportunistic Key Caching exists today, based on 802.11i, to perform the same task.802.11r differs from OKC by fully specifying the key hierarchy.The primary application currently envisioned for the 802.11r standard is VOIP ("voice over IP", or Internet-based telephony) via mobile phones designed to work with wireless Internet networks, instead of (or in addition to) standard cellular networks.IEEE 802.11r specifies fast Basic Service Set (BSS) transitions between access points by redefining the security key negotiation protocol, allowing both the negotiation and requests for wireless resources (similar to RSVP but defined in 802.11e to occur in parallel).My brother-in-law’s business has a Linksys router (EA6100).

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Note: Many of our articles have direct quotes from sources you can cite, within the Wikipedia article! Many deployed implementations have effective ranges of only a few hundred meters, so to maintain communications devices in motion that use it will need to handoff from one access point to another.However, when I looked at his Linksys router, I was pleasantly surprised by two things: I do not think there will be a firmware update for the My Net N900 that addresses KRACK. Their reply implied that WD no longer supports the N900.I asked two questions: -1) Is the N900 susceptible to KRACK? The Support response: -“I am sorry to inform you that this device is a legacy product and WD is not manufacturing these devices form the very long time.In the early days of 802.11, handoff was a much simpler task for the mobile device.Only four messages were required for the device to establish a connection with a new access point (five if you count the optional message the client could send to the old access point to inform it that it had left).

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