Trust in dating

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The most successful relationships have a strong foundation of trust.When attracted to a woman, your natural instinct may be to rush into the relationship.On the flip side, don't tell her that you are happy with a casual relationship if you want to be exclusive. If you show that you trust her, she will trust you.You can do this by revealing more of yourself or relying on her to fulfill promises she makes.However, most women open up slowly and you should only ask her to trust you insofar as you have proved yourself trustworthy.

While you might successfully deceive her, it is unethical to lie to get what you want.

Evaluate when to push for more intimacy and when to back off.

At the beginning of a relationship, it is absolutely inappropriate to pry into a woman's deepest dreams and fears.

She will see right through this and immediately peg you as someone who cannot be trusted.

To build the relationship, find common ground with her.

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