The dating game butt

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Saying I'm wrong is not an argument; saying that you've already spoken is not an argument, and certainly neither is proof that you're right.

Saying I've already spoken is intended to refer you to the much longer points I've already made.

However, it does not correspond to the urban legend version. Not to be harsh, David B, but your summary is pretty biased, and biased around a personal argument that you had on the subject.

Some people, myself included, feel it does "correspond to the urban legend".

I fully explained my position in the GD thread, and you have said nothing to explain why I am supposedly wrong. If you are a mammalian vertebrate biped with parallax vision and opposing thumbs, then we are definitely related. David B wrote Sorry, Bill, but it is you who is wrong here, not me.

I'm not going to go over the same discussion again. I fully explained my position in the GD thread, and you have said nothing to explain why I am supposedly wrong.

Dad didn't help anything when answering the following question: Bob: "If your Mother-In-Law could dive into a pool full of anything she wanted, what would it be? Part of their winnings were used to fund a vacation to Hawaii, where I was conceived. Sofa King--this may be a pointless anecdote but it's funny as hell!! the woman mistook a sexual location for a sexual orafice. Many people claim to have seen it, and all the claims I have seen previous to the unearthing of the tape have alleged that it was a man who said. It's just another urban legend about rednecks and their weird sexual practices.

My theory is, a very small number of the claimants actually saw the episode.

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threadid=25894 To summarize: It does appear that the woman said this.

An even smaller number misremembered it the same way and then went on a (intentional or unintentional) legend-spreading spree.

They told it in such detail that other people believed they too had seen it, after the haze of memory set it.

For that matter, most of the UL versions that mention race at all say that the couple was black.

As I understand it, the UL is that a contestant on the Newlywed Game misunderstood a question about the "weirdest place you've ever made whoopie", and answered with a reference to anal sex. There are also versions of the legend which add details, which may or may not be true, but those details do not change the basic premise of the story.

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