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The only way to receive HELP is when you log-in, but you can't get past Continue, it won't register your profile or User name nor p/w, you just keep going around in circles So frustrating I gave up, not worth getting angry over a site that doesn't provide anyway of contacting them, unless you sign in, and there's the rub, press continue to nowhere, they only send SMS to your phone that they haven't supplied a box to enter it Joined pof 2 weeks ago. Pain on the butt as i had to go thru and change every password i have as they hacked my email as well. It's a dreadful site, I definitely do do not recommend this one!Especially if you don't know how to insist on all payments being cancelled.french dating websites plenty ov fish app for meeting people date military officers app for meeting people arabic dating websites navy singles plenty more fish free dating dating men in the military retired military dating site; apps for meeting people. Dating Pages Free Dating Introductions Dating Chat Rooms online dating apps, Reddit Dating Site , Does Tinder Really Work Russian Ladies So Many Fish Dating Seeking Couple for Chat, Dating & Love. ⚤So Many Fish Dating⚤ the best online dating site So Many Fish Dating. POF seem to sit by and not police all this, happy to take users money and turn a blind eye.Less than 24 hours and I can't get into my account.

fish in sea dating pently of fish alternative dating websites retired military dating sites fish singles site where to meet a military man veterans dating sites - army dating uk pently of fish single chat apps. bigger fish dating; planning of fish dating fish date line lots of fishes dating site app for meeting people pond of fish dating site, plenty of fosh - dating chat website meet single marines meet a military man!Stay away from Plentry of fish..has so many fake profiles you're wasting your time. I've tried this site for a while now and have chatted to and on occasion met some lovely girls. Meet me - from girls which can only be generated by the POF system. The absolute tossers (yes that's some of us fellas) who ask for bed activity, bed activity preferences nudes pics or send manhood pics ruin it for the genuine ones.Don't pay to join.will tell you all these profiles want to meet you but you have to pay to see them and when you do pay the subscription the women that they said wanted to meet you disappear. No wonder most girls (the majority) won't even reply to even a polite message.It takes almost an hour to complete the profile and questions, and I am 100% open and honest about me and my life, not asking anyone for sex but I do state I am adventurous which is super important for people to know. I am genuinely 100% looking for a life partner and pof don't reply to messages, and won't even give me an opportunity to explain or find out exactly what I am doing wrong. And now dollars out of my account because of stealing scumbags like this..I deserve the same opportunity as anyone else to find love and I am devastated this is happening and I can't do anything about it. I went to register, tried to continue as the box said, up comes box on the right-hand side saying User name or email, Don't click on it, if you do another box comes up saying, don't use email in User box, but it automatically does this anyway. When you go to HELP, about REGISTER, it says we use SMS text messages to send to your phone, but there is NO BOX to add your phone when registering, beats me how your suppose to receive texts if there's no box to record your phone number. After several emails and the threat of legal action i now have my money back. This after I specifically turned off the auto renew settings in my profile. No protections, no real matching system, no easy way to cancel.

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