Sedating racoons

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Keep in mind that they have chosen your chimney because it is warm, dark, and quiet, so the best way to get him/her to leave is by changing what they find inviting.

Placing ammonia soaked rags in the chimney and playing loud music during the day will discourage the Raccoons from taking up residence.

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Live trapping should never be an option between early spring to early fall.

The woman gives the camera a wide-mouthed grin, but the raccoon doesn’t look quite as happy. The video, which has recently been making the rounds again, was shot at Blind Alley, a café in Seoul, South Korea, that gives paying guests the opportunity to interact with three raccoons — Shot, Crema and Kong — as well as a capybara and a corgi named Cookie.

While the café might seem like a great opportunity to interact with animals like raccoons and capybaras, animal welfare advocates disagree.

Allow a few days for the Raccoon to remove her family in case there are babies present and when you are positive all of the Raccoons are gone, be sure to get the chimney capped to prevent further occurrences.

First thing you want to do is make sure the Raccoon has one easy-to-locate exit. Obtain six to twelve, one inch strips of fabric, tie them in tight knots and soak them in household ammonia.

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