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I'm going for a more fantasy theme this time around, with my main inspiration being the work of the Manga-ka Yu Watase (especially her Fushigi Yugi series and Arata).

and he has a ponytail :iconiloveyouplz: Favorite season? ) type stories/quizzes so the results for each part are basically about which Akatsuki member might be the most compatible with you based on your answers, their feelings about you etc, etc.

This is the largest free Naruto game collections online.

The Naruto fighting games are the most popular games. For those who like Naruto kissing games we have a few of those also. Or maybe you will like some of our free naruto online puzle games!

, Mekaku City Actors, Read or Die the TV, Naruto Shippuden. For starters, I've finished that interactive Akatsuki series I was working on (it's kind of like a dating sim, I guess) I've had to move it over to another site because Quizilla closed down though, but all 56 parts can be found here -

Engl But I guess that's because I haven't been on in over a year :/ Anyway, since I really want to start putting my newer stories up on here, I hope people don't mind if I just use this journal to say a big thank you for all the favourites, llamas and new watchers ^^ (It would take a really long time to go to everyone's page individually).

The storyline is kind of out there, but it's more lighthearted than some other things I've written and pretty fun to work on.

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Of course you dont have time for much else, like a lovelife, that you seretly are hoping for, but you know that protecting the people who believe in the castle's power is more important.

Favorite attack: a quick sword swipe Weaopon: a sword made from the bones of the first demon you slew Animal sidekick: a jaguar who you nearly killed but he offered his life;s services to you in return for his life.

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