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While filming White Bird in A Blizzard, Arriki said that she resembled Gordon-Levitt in several ways (both were child actors, do not starve in paychecks, chose their projects carefully and approach cinema in a creative pure way) that Araki vowed to cast or recommend her to other filmmakers if there is a project that can pair both actors together.

There are a few actors from comic book films in this movie: Scott Eastwood has an unspecified role in Suicide Squad (2016).

Ifans made his small screen debut as the host of Welsh children's TV show, Stwnsh.

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But no, I'll say the body of evidence to prove that William Shakespeare from Stratford wrote all of these works is flimsy. We know what it is to be underpaid and worked to the bone.

Taking the necessary time off would have left the production unable to complete the film within its budget and schedule, so Stone missed her funeral.

The movie is based on the novel "Time of the Octopus" by Anatoly Kucherena, the Russian attorney who represented Edward Snowden's interests in Russia.

The novel is considered fictional, but based on interviews with Snowden.

In real-life, Oliver Stone met with Laura Poitras to discuss their respective films on Edward Snowden (the filming of Poitras' documentary is depicted in Snowden). Then the release was delayed until May 2016 because the visual effects were too complex to be completed in time.

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