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My biggest battle in being a police wife is embracing my loneliness and not letting it define me or who we are as a couple.

It’s still there, 23 years later, but I take comfort in the knowledge that the honor of my husband’s career and the willing sacrifice we make together outweighs any personal pain I carry.

Policing can become all-encompassing, not just for the ones wearing the uniform, but also for those who love them.

The lifestyle can become “who you are” instead of just a part of who you are.

”Copper, please…I realize there are a lot of demanding, high-stakes, exhausting – and even dangerous – jobs out there, many that strain emotional and relational wellness as much as or more than law enforcement. No matter what we do for a living each of us is responsible for being present and engaged with those we love away from the job without excuse or sense of martyrdom.

Police officers are necessarily decisive and firm when it comes to making decisions.

Put the effort in, be willing to compromise and even lose once in a while, and see if it doesn’t help your relationship in the long haul.We wanted to offer just a couple of personal tips specific to the law enforcement life, on top of the usual relationship advice that’s ubiquitous in books and on the web.These tips have worked for us, are common to successful law enforcement couples we know, and should help you, too.Books, articles, talks and shared experience tell them it is their responsibility to take care of their officers without expecting much in return.I’ve even heard this expressed by fellow cops countless times: “Why, it’s the least they can do for their embattled, world-weary warrior!

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