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Mc Cullen tries to kill Duke, but he is unsuccessful and his face is burned as he flees with the Doctor to an escape vessel.Duke and the Baroness pursue him while Scarlett, Heavy Duty and Snake-Eyes attempt to stop the missiles and shut down the Arctic base.Paramount Pictures announced that Jon Chu will direct the sequel.

Ripcord takes off in a prototype jet, and destroys the second missile before it reaches Moscow.

The one role that received the most speculation is that of Cobra Commander. Joe Club was among the number of websites to confirm Gordon-Levitt's role as Cobra Commander but quickly removed the news soon thereafter, leaving many to think it was erroneous information.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt's name was attached to the project very early on. For toys, a series of action figures based on the actors and vehicles as they are seen in the movie are guaranteed for sure.

Producer Don Murphy originally negotiated for the rights to develop a live-action G. Joe feature film following the success of the toy's relaunch and the direct-to-video animated movies. The primary villains were to be Destro and the Baroness, with Cobra Commander in control behind-the-scenes. The story setup would be based on the theme and feel of the comic series published by Marvel.

However, following the United States' war in Iraq, the live-action project stalled and the option was given to develop Transformers instead. The film was slated for a 2009 release date with Stephen Sommers as the director Lorenzo Di Bonaventura, who served as producer for Transformers, produced this film. Rampant speculation forced Hasbro to clarify the story. Cobra concept; the Joes' headquarters will be called the Pit as it was in the comics; there will be characters from the U. Addressing the rumored toned-down patriotic feel, Brian Goldner reiterated that this would not be an issue.

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