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As you can see, it’s basically just like pinning an app to the taskbar, only these appear on the right hand side instead of the left.So why bother adding the Quick Launch toolbar to Windows 7 or 8?You should now see that the section to the right of the Start Button has a few icons.

Show desktop brings you right to the desktop and the other button is basically like pressing ALT TAB on the keyboard, except it’s better because it uses a cool 3D effect rather than just showing thumbnails in the grid.

Here you can see I was dragging Notepad from my Start menu to the toolbar and you can see the black vertical line between the other icons already there.

Simply drop it and it’ll fit itself into that position.

Remember, this is not going to delete your program, just the shortcut to the program.

If you want to add programs to the toolbar, simply drag the icons from your desktop or from the Start menu onto the toolbar and you’ll see the the position becomes a solid black line.

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