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The copy prints are black-and-white and are either 5" x 7" or 8" x 10".

Historians, designers, railroad enthusiasts, model railroad hobbyists, scholars, and others will find this collection useful. which was purchased by Pullman in 1873 and operated as the Detroit Shops of Pullman) in the 1870s and expanded to include photographing the town of Pullman, steel car construction, shop accidents, workers, panoramic views, and in some instances, for company publications.

Some of the photographers included John Jex Bardwell, Wylie Dennison, Henry R. Photographing one car out of each new lot was the intital practice, but over-time, the Photographic Department began taking six or more views of the interior and exterior as well as end views.

Lot numbers include: Lots 1 - 500 (Pullman Car Works - Chicago)Lots 1 - 500 (Detroit Car Works)Lots 500 plus (can be freight and passenger mixed) Lots 1000 to 4999 (Pullman passenger equipment) Lots 5000 to 5999 (Pullman freight equipment)Lots 5000 Haskell and Barker (Pullman overlap) Lots 6000 to 7000 (Pullman and P-S passenger) Lots 8000 to 9999 (Pullman freight equipment)Lots 10000 (Pullman freight equipment) Series 1, Original prints, circa 1880-1949, are arranged numerically by Pullman numbers.

The collection contains primarily early railroad Americana, including interior and exterior views of private and business cars as well as passenger and street cars.

The collection is an important part of the historical record of the railroad car-building industry as well as the history of architecture and interior design.

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