Propecia dating game

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Not only feminists but girls in general are placed too high up on the pyramid and its because of the many desperate males out there giving them that feeling of superiority.

Even the unsuccessful ones with no jobs, no nothing.

Oh and MPB is unfortunately one of the biggest **** ups when it comes to both genetics and the dating game, the second they see the slightest hint of MPB, the birds treat us like a cancer and shun us.

Face it gents, despite our perceived macho and dominance masculine BS, it is they who choose whether or not a relationship will take hold - and MPB is a big deterrent for them, so much so that they will choose a full headed male above us any day.

**** women, they have it ****in easy when it comes to dating, too ****ing's us blokes who have to suffer the worst, particularly when it comes to MPB. While I don't think women are equal in a lot of spheres, feminists ignore the fact that they have immense control over the male population simply through mating and reproductive selection.

Seriously dating is the dogs bollixx for most blokes, women have it too ****in easy despite all their whinging to the contrary. A lot of what men do is, ultimately, to secure a mate.

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As a woman, you can be bald, fat and an amputee at the same time, and still get a boyfriend.

I want to destroy the egos of as many attractive women as I possibly can for the torture that they have put me through.

I, as the witness and the voice for humanity, declare this and only this the truth and the only absolute truth and I hereby vouch this 110%.

You wouldn't believe some of the cheating stories he had to deal with. A fat, balding guy can marry a good looking chick if he's successful and has money. They say hoes make great housewives later on cause they been around and seen and experienced it. Then religion gets brought into this and I hate religion that much more so now Im defending women, so I can bash religion. Let's just say I dont agree with the shit they try to pretend to implement.

A fat, unattractive woman can almost never pull a really good looking guy. Unless it's like Islam in the Middle East where the government controls every part of a woman's life this isn't true. Religious women will cheat just as much as non-religious women. It's basically the same rate across the board regardless of belief. Whereas you take a good girl, bring her around to your friends, abd tell me she won't have a stronger urge to cheat on yo pansy ass. We will never know what goes on inside a womens mind. Its some illuminati shit, they got something else going.

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