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Once awakened, the blood that flowed through his veins would turn him into a megalomaniacal monster, bent on conquering Ninjago.He would then go on to cause many of the conflicts in Ninjago's history.The Commissioner and his police men were cornered in a alleyway only to be saved by the Ninja.The Ninja tried to use their powers on the cloud but their Elemental Powers had no effect.The Oni then came into Ninjago City through the Realm Crystal.They quickly spread a dark cloud, petrifying everyone in Ninjago City.The Oni (also known as the Bringers of Doom) are a race of demonic beings, led by the Omega.

One day, however, a child was born of both the worlds of Oni and Dragons, having both the powers of Destruction and Creation.The Ninja retreated, although they struggled to save Cole, who was grabbed by the Oni.Lloyd saved Cole and they returned to the rebuilt Destiny’s Bounty.His evil actions would be manipulated by The Overlord, a manifestation of Darkness born from the shadows to balance out the First Spinjitzu Master's light, in his attempt to restart the "Final Battle" between good and evil, and rise to power over all.By the time of the ninth season, the majority of the Oni had mysteriously disappeared from their Realm in order to begin their conquest of the realms, leaving the Oni Land abandoned and in disrepair, due to being untended to in centuries.

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