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On Black Berry 10 OS version 10.2.x and later: An image with a link to where XXXX is one of the following: 0006 0007 0008 0009 0010 0011 0012 0013 0014 0018 0019 0021 0022 What you can do: The Black Berry smartphone stops responding with the following error “JVM 102”.There is an issue with one of more COD files installed on the Black Berry smartphone.This decision was a long time coming, after Black Berry steadily failed to innovate its design in the rapidly evolving smartphone industry.Unforeseeable market change, technological advancements, failure to adapt and be receptive to changing consumer needs saw to the downfall of this once premium selling smartphone empire.This error is usually displayed as "Uncaught Exception", followed by the name or description of the faulting process (e.g.Uncaught Exception: nullpointerexception, or Uncaught Exception: illegalargument).What you can do: A blank or white screen being displayed on the Black Berry smartphone may be a result of damage to the liquid crystal display (LCD).

Down the line, Black Berry still continued to make phones that were designed poorly with bad user experience, offered low specifications for the price tag, inconsistent third party app support, mediocre performance, poor camera quality all of which eventually led to halting its own device manufacturing altogether in September 2016.

Black Berry’s marketing strategy was built around a very niche segment of the market and when certain devices simply did not perform well, they failed to recognize the threats and improvise their design and technology.

While the general population were the biggest consumers of smartphones, Black Berry did little to nothing to tap into this opulent segment which was more promising in terms of sales and revenue.

Note: "App" or "JVM" might appear before an error message (e.g. What you can do: The Black Berry smartphone encountered a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) application-related problem and stops responding.

Note: "App" or "JVM" might appear before an error message (e.g. What you can do: A Java process on the Black Berry smartphone has stopped unexpectedly while performing various activities. Note: "App" or "JVM" might appear before an error message (e.g. What you can do: An Uncaught Exception is an abnormal interruption of a program during execution on the Black Berry smartphone.

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