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Although they typically walk on four legs, as monkeys do, they can also walk upright on two legs, and they sometimes do this for short distances. Paleontologists trace their grad- ual appearance among various kinds of primates they call stem apes or ape- like primates.

One of the oldest known candidates for apehood is Proconsul.

The forest-dwelling primates spread throughout the world, with the likely exception of Australia and Antarctica, where no primate fossils have been found.

He named it Gigantopithecus, or “giant ape.” World War II broke out just then, and Koenigswald, who was working on the South- east Asian island of Java, was captured by the Japanese.grasp things—on all four feet; flat nails rather than claws on at least some of their digits; a brain that is large for their overall body size; and eyes that are large and set facing forward in the front of the face.The Eocene world was warmer than the modern world, with tropical temperatures and forests extending far north and south of the equator.Most early primates were probably nocturnal, or active at night.Their eyes were bigger and their noses were smaller than those of the ancestral mammals, showing that the primates relied more on sight and less on scent.

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