Outrageous dating

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So ditch those old-school playbooks and see what other crazy dating rules your parents followed.

There was no such thing as a one-and-done dating deal back in the day. These days, if you had an amazing date, you’ll follow up later that evening with a quick text. by the third date it was time to take your relationship to the next level and “seal the deal” (in so many words).Those dated gender roles also dictate that a man should be the one who pays for a date, no matter what. Want to know how dating has changed since you were in high school?Well, you’re going to meet your date at the location of your outing.Assuming that the man is the dominant personality and thus must initiate a date night is an idea that needs to be left in the Stone Age.If you’re a lady and you’re crushing on a cutie, just ask them out! Modern etiquette rules dictate that a date is technically an invitation, so the asker picks up the tab.

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