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When we tried to reignite things they just simply fell flat.One Saturday, my wife blurted out in the morning that she was going to go out to the pub with her friend Lacey that evening.

I opened it and it was one three text messages from the same number. You are indeed a hot and sexy woman.”“I so wanted to take you home and have my way with you”“I understand that you are married and thank you for your honesty, but I would still like to catch up for a coffee.”There was another number on her phone that I didn’t recognise with unread text messages, along the same lines. I enjoyed meeting you at the bar last night.”“If you ever want to some hot no strings attached sex, give me a call.”So the run down was this.

“Great night, cruising the bars perving, just like old times when we were young and thinner” “Did you get that blonde guys number too he was cute and wanted you!

”“Are you going to meet up with either of them, just for a coffee, it can’t hurt!

We became too familiar with each other and were generally dragged down by the pressures of a large mortgage along with raising a blended family.

I guess we were only staying together for the k**s.

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