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“Having good and healthy relationships is also about ensuring the relationship we have with ourselves is first and foremost in order.” Lauren Simpson, 34, says online dating has made her less trusting.They can be quite time-consuming, and it’s good to remind yourself that your life can be fulfilling without dating.” It can be tempting to live your life through your online activity, but setting good boundaries is about continuing to prioritise real-life interactions, advises Wagner.“Dating apps are a tool to use, not a tool to be controlled by,” she says “Don’t put your life on hold for an app; real-life activities should not be substituted for app time.” Other, less pressured, ways of meeting people, like Meetup, sports and book clubs is a great alternative to app or online dating.“If you’re starting to question your looks, or whether you’re good enough, then it may be a sign that your dating app may be starting to affect your self-esteem.If you’re considering changing your looks in order to please others, it’s a red flag your self-esteem is taking a hit.” App dating can feel like an invitation for rejection: people swipe you away in a flash, may not respond to messages, and dates may not go as you’d hoped.

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