Older women dating younger men celebs

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Aniston is currently engaged to Justin Theroux who is only two years her junior.11 Age: 38 Eva Longoria definitely seems to prefer younger men!5 Age: 53 Despite the ten-year age gap, Julianne Moore has been with director Bart Freundlich since 1996.The couple has two children together and decided to marry back in 2003.

Plus, a 2010 study by University of Dundee in Scotland found that as women become more financially independent, their tastes skew toward older—and better-looking—men.

Rumor has it that the relationship ended when Aubry strayed with a younger woman.

10 Age: 44 Jennifer Aniston dated John Mayer – who is eight years younger than she is.

Instead of following conventions, these older women have decided that younger men are the way to go!

We have collected a list of 14 female celebrities who like to date younger men!

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