Okcupid dating persona explanation

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OKCupid will allow you to make your answers to certain questions public or private depending upon your own preferences.You can also type in an explanation about the reasoning you used to answer a particular question the way you did.These questions can range from being very serious to being very playful and easygoing.When you answer a question, it will be entered into your own personality and OKCupid will decide what kind of traits and qualities you exude based on those answers.When you look at a different person’s profile, you’ll see their answers to those same questions that you answered.You may also be able to see their other answers to different questions, which you haven’t answered yet depending upon on whether or not they have made those questions public or private.

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In order to generate better matches and results, all users when they register or asked to answer questions about themselves and their personalities in order to generate matches with a high percentile rating in terms of similarities.The would later transform into with the ‘Match Test’ used on there being renamed and becoming the ‘Dating Persona Test.’ The founders of OKCupid sold Spark to Barnes and Noble Inc.years ago in order to focus their attentions on improving and updating their online dating website that would then become extremely popular in the late 2000’s.A popular and mainstream online dating site that has been around since the early days of the phenomenon, OKCupid is a multi-faceted website and mobile application used by millions of men and women around the world.OKCupid is versatile in terms of assessing the needs and wants of its users regardless of their racial, religious, socioeconomic or ethnic background.

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