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In the case examples above, Evelyn (Case Example #1) has relationship-centered obsessions, while Jeffrey (Case Example #2) has partner-focused obsessions.

People like Evelyn with relationship-centered obsessions often feel overwhelmed by doubts and worries focused on their feelings towards their partner, their partner’s feelings towards them, and the “rightness” of the relationship experience. Relationship-centered and partner-focused symptoms can often happen at the same time, and sometimes can even reinforce one another.

These thoughts, he claims, consume most of his day.

They make him irritated and he finds he does not enjoy his time with his wife and kids.

ROCD symptoms can also occur outside of an ongoing romantic relationship (e.g., obsessing about the past) and may cause people to avoid entering relationships altogether. (There was a period when the thought of killing a bicyclist while making a right turn caused Vaya to follow any bicyclist for blocks, checking again and again to make sure she hadn’t.) Gunmen, Plane crashes – sudden doom! AIDS ¬¬- really, all types of viruses and bacteria and disease. At the age of 30, after many dating experiences, Evelyn found someone that she thought was great.People presenting with ROCD often report noticing their symptoms in early adulthood.In such cases, ROCD symptoms seem to have an effect on most of their later romantic relationships.

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