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If you’re on a 5 Life Path, you’re The Freedom Seeker.

Your primary purpose is to develop your sense of fearlessness, adventure, and the constructive use of freedom in whatever you do.

They’re great at continuously putting out fires and sometimes feel lost if they aren’t the one who’s responsible for everything.

These folks don’t take criticism or outside suggestions very well.

If working with the destructive aspects of their Life Path mission, they can be antagonistic and aggressive/assertive. If you’re on a 3 Life Path, you’re The Communicator.

Your primary purpose is to develop your sense of creative self-expression and emotional sensitivity in whatever you do.

You’re here to experience all the material & sensual world has to offer. They love eating great food, dancing – anything tactile.The 5 can be scattered and also sway between total dependence .Addictions can sometimes come into play, because the 5 is the master of escape. On the flip-side, the 5 can opt into feeling fearful rather than fearless and can hyperventilate at the thought of packing their suitcase.On the other end of the spectrum, a 4 who isn’t in alignment with their purpose can be a person who can’t commit to a geographical location, consistent work, or much of anything.They can be a Ramblin’ Man or Ramblin’ Woman until they experience the relief of taking responsibility and laying down roots.

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