New dating quotes

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If you’re an active Tinder user, you’re likely accumulating plenty of matches.

But sometimes, after that, your best Tinder icebreakers get you…radio silence.

Now we can be cynical and hate on them when we’re single, but let’s keep it real.

The minute you get booed up, you’re gonna be #firstcouplesphoto-ing the hell out of your own Insta.

I try to resist, but as I toss and turn it’s like I can hear my phone calling to me.

Before I know it, it’s in my hand and I’m scrolling through the lives of friends and strangers, seeing every moment documented.

Source: Take, for example, when teenagers start to date.

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Here are some funny quotes about dating for the digital age: "It's not 'Great Cupid' or even 'Good Cupid.' It's Ok Cupid." - Helen Hong "Online dating is like online shopping except you're looking for people no one wants, and it's a month." - Phil Pivnick "If we meet offline, and you look nothing like your pics, you're buying me drinks until you do." - Unknown "I wish there was an online dating website for people who hate online dating." - Unknown "I look great in my profile pictures.

One of my favorite moments — and you can call me corny — is when couples make their Insta debut with cute pics of themselves being goofy and in love. In case you were wondering, *this* is what couple goals looks like.

And, of course, they all have the perfect Instagram captions for new couples.

But this goes to show any conversation, however cryptic, is better than no conversation!

But the moral of the story is, not a single person reacted with anything negative or rude.

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