Name a non verbal communication that is important in dating

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She’s creating a barrier because she’s still making up her mind about you, so if you see any of these signs, just know that you have a long way to go before she’s okay with letting things progress. A more positive display of nonverbal communication is eye contact.

If you make eye contact with your date, and she doesn’t break it or look around the bar at something else, she is very interested in what you’re saying.

Eye contact is an extremely intimate thing, and if someone isn’t comfortable with it, it can be creepy and they will almost always look away.

However, when a girl is attracted to you, she will want to look into your eyes because there is something undeniably sexy about it.

Her brain is telling her you’re an attractive, desirable man and her evolutionary circuitry is telling her to groom herself.

Obviously, we live in a modern world, where most grooming takes place in private, but the instinct is still there and if you look closely you’ll see that these little ticks can say a lot about what she thinks of you.

She could be leaning back in her chair, putting her drink in the middle of the table to separate the two of you, or leaving her phone or purse between the two of you.Being able to interpret non-verbal communication is also valuable in situations where it may be helpful to calibrate your behavior.Is she uncomfortable, attracted, nervous, horny or upset?Twirling of the hair, scratching of the hand and pushing the hair out of her face are three good examples, but essentially any adjustment she makes to her appearance is her way of saying she might just be into it.It goes without saying, but if she shows up in sweatpants and doesn’t seem to care at least a little bit about her appearance, she probably doesn’t care about the date either.

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