My roles and responsibilities of dating Futa hookup

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A man needs to make decisions and take responsibility for the outcome.

If he's reluctant to make decisions, she may resent him.

Part of making decisions is understanding the other person's views and being flexible.

She doesn't want someone controlling her, but she also doesn't want someone who leaves every decision to her.

This is the exact reason I ended the relationship with my son's dad.

He NEVER could admit fault and always laid the blame on me; which is a form of responsibility avoidance.

Someone who can control his anger is better than a physically strong man who can conquer a city.

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For a while there was "sensitive new age guy." Then there was "metrosexual" and advice that men need to develop their feminine side. I looked in the commentary at the bottom of the page which quoted the Talmud, "If the man is worthy, the woman will be his helper; if he is not worthy, she will be against him." This one sentence changed the way I looked at relationships. I think it's significant that one of the first lessons in the first chapter of Genesis is about what a man should be in a relationship.We were created to be in the very presence of God and allow Him to make us the husbands, the lovers and to the lay down of our lives for our wives.Instead we have made our wives our God instead of going to the one who breathed life into him.We don't admire those who stand back and wait for others to solve the problem.Some men avoid taking the lead because they don't want to be criticized. A man should say, "I'll handle it," and take the initiative to find solutions.

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