Most uniform way of dating documents

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Equally annoying is scrambling around at year-end trying to find documents pertaining to company accounts for the accountant or even worse, the taxman.Proper organization of digital documents is especially critical in a shared environment - if one of your employees is absent (temporarily or permanently!

Wherever the documents are stored it is important to keep them organized and up-to-date.

These are the drawers of your computer’s filing cabinet, so to speak.

Use plain language to name your folders; you don’t want to be looking at this list of folders in the future and wondering what “TFK” or whatever other interesting abbreviation you invented means.

A folder named for a client might include the folders "customer data" and "correspondence".

The goal is to have every file in a folder rather than having a bunch of orphan files listed. Under Windows the maximum full path length for a file (e.g.

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