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We highlighted the resistance that LGBT people and their allies encounter in speaking up for their rights in society, particularly if they have already been marked as ‘ (inverted, deviant, abnormal), ‘flawed’ and ‘sinful’. Some offered a more muted response by suggesting that certain forms of freedom of expression should be curtailed. As an educator and researcher who shares the opinion with countless others that human realities are perpetually unstable, fragile and contingent, I was delighted that we found ourselves with more questions than answers.

My thoughts strayed to the Bersih 4 Rally, or the Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections demonstration in 2015.We contemplated the difficulties that researchers have encountered, and will continue to face in lifting up the voices of people who are relegated to the periphery of society.We noted media reports on the ferocity of antagonism towards gender-variant and sexually-diverse people in Malaysia, particularly those who self-identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (‘LGBT’) (Zurairi 2012).On my Facebook timeline, I named the Red Shirts’ reactions as imbecilic. A friend wrote in response that my posting was inconsistent with my own belief in freedom of expression.

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