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Given its serial killer subject matter, this is one of those films that may best be viewed by isolating the naked male celebrity bits.

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He’s already been a Hunk of the Day here – this is a holder until he officially wins a second go-round at it, and he’s only one nude scene away from that.Leaving political commentary aside, one gentleman who is not on the football field these days is Colin Kaepernick, who has already been crowned a Hunk of the Day. Charlie King earned his Hunk of the Day crown here, and seeing him in motion is all one needs to see why.See if you can pick him out among these nude dudes.(Yes, there are archives – scroll to the bottom of the page and type anything into the search section and see what comes up.) Oh wait, it’s Ash? I have yet to start binge-watching ‘Game of Thrones’ so this GIF will have to suffice. More of his bum may be found at this link-filled post.Happy Ass Wednesday everybody – shake it if you’ve got it! It’s been way too long since Jake Gyllenhaal has been naked onscreen, and on this blog, so let’s get a glimpse of his new Netflix movie wherein he plays a gay character. Check out those previous nude looks here, here, and here.

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