Jazz tucker dating fanfiction

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He flew her over to her mansion, and set her down in her bed. She breathed softly, which meant she was asleep."Goodnight. He brushed away a tear that stained his cheek."I'm glad I finally found myself. The Manson's let Sam date Danny, because 1) They were scared of him and his powers, 2) He was a hero and saved the Earth, and 3) His parents saved their lives from Freakshow. Ghosts regularly attacked, Sam and Danny had their best times and worst times, Tucker was still obsessed about technology and still had Elizabeth by his side, and they all went to college. Sam and Danny went to APU (Amity Park University), Jazz went to Harvard, and unfortunately for Danny and Sam, Tucker went to APTU, (Amity Park Tech University).

Instead, to spend more time with his best friend and girlfriend, he worked with Tucker, helping to make futuristic machines and new ghost-hunting weapons for Amity, just in case he dies during a battle, is injured, gets too old to fight, or when he gets old and dies.

One day, when Sam and Danny were both 22, after work, Danny went ghost. Her hair was a bit longer, going down to her shoulders, and right now, there was a decorative red rose in it, courtesy of Danny, who got it for her for her 18th birthday. She had a black tank-top on, with a purple circle in the middle of it, and a purple skirt. Although it clashed, she had on a red belt and red bangles. You were always there for me, and I was always there for you. The amethyst was carved into two hearts, both the same size.

She had on violet lipstick and eye shadow, (Danny said he liked violet better than the candy apple red she sometimes put on,) and she still wore the turquoise ring that Danny had given her 8 years ago. We've gone through the best and the worst together. They symbolized the length and closeness Danny and Sam had. " Danny hugged her back tightly and buried his head in her hair, taking in her scent of lilacs."I love you too, Sammy." He said.

Sam nearly fell asleep, because they had been flying for a long time, but she forced herself to stay awake. Convincing herself that she was just resting her eyes, Sam had her eyes closed, and she didn't want to open them. New are silver, old are gold."Green eyes met violet.

They descended, and the temperature dropped to below freezing. Her feet felt freezing, and she was standing in something cold and soft. Danny put his hand under Sam's chin to lift her head a bit more. Just like 8 years ago, their kiss was passionate, as the rest of the world melted behind them.

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