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Ruby and Georgia decided to spend four weeks in Los Angeles to help Ben get settled.It promised to be a huge distraction for Ruby but she said, “In the back of my head, I’m constantly thinking about that weight gain.” Ruby’s trainers, Drew and Shazi, made a house call this week.“It was very frustrating for me that I can’t get into the rafts by myself,” she said.“But at least I participated.” Determined to prove herself, Ruby decides to take on the biggest ride at the park, a water slide at the top of nearly 150 steps.

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In an effort to keep Ruby active, her trainers are turning the garage sale into a fitness endeavor.

The first thing they do is go to the water park, Raging Waters.

The visit starts out a bit rocky as Ruby has trouble fitting into (and getting out of) a raft.

To her surprise, however, they exchanged phone numbers, and he texted her almost immediately.

Still convinced he probably only wanted to be friends, Ruby invited him to a concert anyway, where they had a fantastic time, and decided to do it again.

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