Inuyasha dating game

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Also, try playing the game as a pop-up, that will help. With that said, I hope you like this hentai game I made about Inuyasha.

Rin: Lord Sesshomaru can we stay please, please, pleaseee? Miroku: Sango, my dear Sango, I meant can I pick a door for Inuyasha. Inuyasha: Hey, can I have someone kick that stupid mangy wolf outta' here? Now for the first question, contestants I will ask you a question about Inuyasha and you reply… Sesshomaru: I'm up here asshole, and I don't want your ratty clothes or those ears and I'm not gay; such as yourself, little brother. Contestant 2: I don't think I've even seen him before? Contestant 4: I'm not sure…Inuyasha: Wow these people are greedy I think Sesshomaru may behind door 3. Sango: No that'll give Kagome away, we're not stupid, Inuyasha. Sango: Right…Inuyasha: Make all the people behind those doors, contestants –whatever you call them, say sit.

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