Intro online dating

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"When we sit down to talk with people, our goal is to make sure expectations are on the same page.

People are people, people have flaws." He points out that many, can have unrealistic expectations when it comes to, for example, age.

And contrary to belief, matchmaking doesn't just appeal to those of an older generation.

"We have people from as young as 20 right up to 85." He says that modern society and the concept of us always being 'on' has meant that people tend to not prioritise relationships the same way they might their careers. And we would meet a lot of say, teachers who spend so much time up-skilling or going back to education that suddenly they realise that this part of their lives has been neglected." He stresses, however, that like anything, the work has to be put in and expectations have to be managed from the outset.

You could have one on: So part of online dating is being okay with starting a conversation with a complete stranger that you’ve matched with.They want back the human contact that should centre around meeting someone and look to the experts to help find a plus one that they will click with."For so many, online dating as it stands comes with so much misrepresentation; there's too much choice, too many who are transient and fickle and hiding behind an app.Their approach is a simple one, they base matches on what people are looking for in a partner."We are not life coaches or psychologists, and there's no metrics that exist for pairing people up.

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