Intimidating strike never outnumbered

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Yet students and teachers have not seen benefits from the additional funds.CPS teacher compensation has lagged behind all other comparable large districts in the nation, according to data in the union’s report for the independent fact-finder.

Thanks to a state law that changes funding formulas and other sources, CPS has about a billion more dollars available annually than in recent years, according to the union, which cites a study by the Center for Tax and Budget Accountability and a July 2018 school board financial outlook presentation.

Fans of the actor noticed him in the crowd, called out to him and shook his hand, continuing filming as he counted down from three to lead the chant.

Daniel was also seen attending last year's Reading Festival where he once again fell victim to a fellow reveller's phone camera.

A “use-it-or-lose-it” policy for teachers’ time off also exacerbates the need for substitutes, since teachers can’t be compensated for days off they don’t take.

And the union wants reform of evaluation procedures that tend to penalize teachers of color and teachers in the most economically challenged neighborhoods.

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