Intelligence dating cops lyrics

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You say the word rock, people say, 'Oh, but I like Jefferson Airplane, I like Fleetwood Mac — that's rock.' They don't want to use the word rock & roll to describe this song." Ernie C stated that "A lot of rappers want to be in a rock band, but it has to be done sincerely.

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Body Count is well known for the inclusion of the controversial song "Cop Killer", which was the subject of much criticism from various political figures, although many defended the song on the basis of the group's right to freedom of speech.

Ice-T eventually chose to remove the song from the album, Ice-T states that "I knew we didn't want to form an R&B group.

[...] Where am I gonna get the rage and the anger to attack something with that? The name alone negates the band from being R&B." Ice-T co-wrote the band's music and lyrics with lead guitarist Ernie C, and took on the duties of lead vocalist.

It also presents a turning point in the career of Ice-T, who co-wrote the album's songs with lead guitarist Ernie C and performed as the band's lead singer.

Previously known only as a rapper, Ice-T's work with the band helped establish a crossover audience with rock music fans.

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