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Inks have been around as long as writing has been a part of history.Some historians believe that ink was first invented by the Ancient Egyptians since the oldest known book (about 4,600 years old) written in ink was found in ancient Egypt.While ink is simple to make, these days the world relies on ink made of petroleum products instead.While these inks are very convenient and come in convenient disposable vessels, there is still a certain charm to making your own ink and writing with it.Saving knowledge, writing letters, and learning to read and write, all require ink (when no computers are involved! Because of ink, we are able to grasp our history and learn from mistakes.

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This is a logical & cost effective professional assessment and advisory for which there is a modest set fee.There are, however, pottery shards in Egypt , decorated with ink, that are even older than the books!The Chinese have also been making a similar ink using carbon black pigment and gum Arabic (a resin from acacia tree), for nearly as long as the Egyptians, as far back as 2,500 BCE.The basic ingredients in ink are pigment (color), a binder, sometimes a preservative, and a mordant (helps to hold the color and make it last longer, this is needed especially for berry inks).At its core, pigment and water are all that is needed to make ink.

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