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Chris disliked Tejano music and wrote in To Selena, With Love that he joined Shelly's band with "foot-dragging resistance" because this job paid more than working at the library. Chris was also drunk and joined in the rough horseplay.One brother knocked the door off its hinges, and holes in the wall were found inside the room.Chris decided to sleep at home instead of at the hotel. fired the brothers from the band the next morning, but to Chris' surprise, Abraham accepted Chris' apology and he was allowed to remain in the band.While Selena initially ended their relationship over the incident, she later forgave him.They ignored his threats to disband the group, and continued their relationship. fired Pérez from the band, forbidding Selena to go with him.They later eloped, and Selena's father accepted the relationship and he grew to love and accept Chris as his son-in-law.Selena's murder greatly devastated Pérez, who began abusing drugs and alcohol.Chris has since remained in touch with the Quintanillas following Selena's death.

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That year, Pérez formed the Chris Pérez Band and began writing songs for their debut album.Chris tried to calm them both down, but joined in the argument after Abraham insulted him by calling him a "cancer in my family." Finally Abraham threatened to disband the group if they didn't break up. Abraham fired him from the band and prevented Selena from running off with him, leaving Selena both extremely devastated and heartbroken.he moved back in with his father and began playing music wherever he could.He decided to teach himself to play electric guitar despite his mother's disapproval due to the negative stereotypes associated with the rock-and-roll world. initially disliked Chris' rocker image and insisted that he change his appearance for the band. When Chris was booked, police reported that they initiated a high-speed chase and were following his car.Tony Lares told Pérez that Shelly performed Tejano music—a mixture of traditional Mexican folk music, polkas and country music sung in Spanish or English. The elder Quintanilla feared that allowing Pérez in the group might affect his daughter Selena's "perfect image" and ruin her career. Chris Perez reported that the officers were lying, but decided not to pursue the matter because it would be "[his] word against theirs." Several months after his arrest, he was sharing a hotel room with two road crew members of Selena y Los Dinos when the two brothers (who were intoxicated) began wrestling.

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